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has developed a product range for the Reefer generator market which is innovative and simple at the same time. Original design was made by Trademark Leasing & Trading B.V. in 2007 and has been improved over the years to give our customers the best units.

The special alternator which is used in our product line is designed to the needs of the Reefer generator market and has unique features which can not be found on any other product. The unique features are the low weight which helps to reduce total weight of the generator set and allows mounting in the unit without extra support. The design also allows easy trouble shooting as there is no field exciting and no complicated electronics needed. Due to this design the units are also very easy to service. If needed we can also offer the alternator in IP65 standard which is more suitable for extreme conditions such as found on Undermount applications.

The low fuel consumption which our product range is offering is achieved by the engine and the alternator which has a very high efficiency which can not be found on other units. Our units provide 94 to 95 % efficiency where standard generators only achieve between 80 to 86 %.

The unit is also designed for power supply with unbalanced loads. For example in case you have a need for 380V/50Hz operation while also need to have 220V/50Hz you can do this without damaging the alternator. A standard alternator will not allow the run for a long period with varying loads on the 3 phase circuit, the Genmark product range can supply 3 x 1 phase circuits with varying loads, as well as a 3 phase load at the same time.

The Genmark product range comes with a controller which can also be fitted with a GPRS module. In case there are controller problems the unit can run in a by-pass mode which allows continues power supply at all time.

In case you need special generator set products Genmark is your partner as we have the possibility to build to your needs.

Our staff is well trained and capable to get you the product you need for your application.

We look forward to your business.